A card mechanic is a card cheat with the ability to execute gambling sleights at the casino table. The card mechanic is able to manipulate the cards using advanced gambling techniques that are designed to win the money. These cheating techniques take years to master by the card hustler.


Why did you choose the name "SHADE" to represent yourself?

My favorite movie is titled SHADE and it is about a magician growing up who eventually becomes a card hustler. The term "shade" in the movie means misdirection, deception, and stealth to make a card sleight invisible.

What inspired you to become a card mechanic?

I love Las Vegas and the underground gambling world. Back in the day when the mob ran Sin City, casinos would hire card cheats as casino dealers to hustle innocent players of their money making the “house” win. This was a time when there were few rules and regulations. These card hustlers would live lavishly in luxury and royalty wherever they went. They were well respected with power, suitcases full of money, and beautiful women. To me these were the real gangsters that defined and shaped Las Vegas in the 1940's.

What do you love most about being a card mechanic?

I love how you can control and manipulate the outcome of a card game. It takes a great amount of skill to achieve that and I'm proud to say that not many in the world can do what I can with a deck of cards. The funny thing is when I demonstrate these cheating techniques to professional poker players, they immediately get up and leave not wanting to play cards with me anymore.

How does it feel to be a magician and card mechanic?

It provides more versatility in my performances utilizing skills in magic and gambling at the same time. I love card hustlers because in a way they are like magicians. A mysterious stranger would sit down at a card game, win the money, then disappear cheating the players without any suspicion.

What do you love most about gambling sleight of hand?

I love the cheating techniques because it focuses on pure flawless sleight of hand with a regular deck of cards. Magicians tend to avoid it because it's very difficult. This is why card mechanics are very rare and uncommon. It requires an enormous amount of time, dedication, patience, practice, and discipline. 

What is the hardest part of performing these cheating sleights?

The most difficult part in demonstrating gambling technique is perfecting the sleights so they appear flawless and impeccable, especially in a card game for money. A card mechanic must execute his sleight of hand with the greatest ease so it appears natural and polished. This would avoid arousing any suspicion from poker players that cheating has been involved. Any minor discrepancy could tip off you did something and could cost your life. You really need to keep the hands sharp and in shape to be a card mechanic.

What does it feel like when you are working with a deck of cards?

Practicing with a deck of cards for years has blessed me with a unique sense of touch. For example if you look at your thumb, take note of the lines that make up your thumbprint. I've been shuffling cards for so long that I've developed a sharp and precise touch for controlling every single card through the lines of my fingerprints. With that ability I can control the cards and do anything I desire. It feels like practicing the scales of a piano when I shuffle cards.

How do you usually demonstrate these gambling techniques?

When corporate companies have a casino style themed event, they have me dressed as part of the working staff. I blend in with the guests until it's time to deal cards at the poker table. When the CEO is playing, I would wait a few hands then deal him an instant royal flush! Everyone will be shocked and amazed thinking how impossible this is. I would then reveal my identity as a card mechanic and start the gambling show. It is a real live glimpse into the underground gambling world which is such a rare experience.