My name is SHADE and I'm a sleight of hand artist from Toronto, Canada.

I've been perfecting my craft with a deck of cards for over 20 years.

This portfolio is my craft, my passion to inspire yours...

Who are you?

My name is SHADE and I have loved magic all my life. I use my skills as an artist to express my passion for the art form and craft. My performances incorporate magic and deception to entertain and tell a unique story that hopefully leaves you inspired.

Why did you get into magic?

I wanted to be different from everyone else. It allows me to stand out from the crowd and see the world in a different way. It is my escape and creative outlet to express myself and inspire others through performance art.

What kind of magic do you do?

When people see magic they usually watch television or go to stage shows where they're sitting far away. I perform close-up magic. Close-up magic is done with the audience face to face. There are no smoke & mirrors, fancy showgirls, big boxes, or flashing lights. It’s just one on one with people. It makes the magic more believable and more intimate to witness it right in front of you.

What does magic mean to you?

Magic is being able to emotionally connect with someone. To create a spark of inspiration and have them escape from reality to experience something special. They will remember that feeling years later because magic allows me to touch people's lives. It is a very special gift you can give to a stranger that will be a lifetime memory.

What do you love about the art?

Most people don’t understand that magic is an actual performance art. Just like music, film, dance, painting, poetry etc. Art is a way of expressing ones thoughts and emotions through their desired craft. Using magic to make people happy is what I love. For a moment all of their problems go away and they feel like a kid again.

What is the most important thing you want your audience to experience?

I want my audience to experience something memorable. A grown up is basically a child with layers on, and when I perform magic it breaks down their defenses and barriers. This leaves them open and they experience that sense of awe and wonder. For a moment all of their stress, worries, and problems go away. They feel that childhood happiness again even just for a few seconds. Those few seconds are the reason why I do magic...

What message do you try to give your audience when you perform magic?

People don’t meet a magician every day so I want my audience to be inspired by what I do. I want to show them that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. They can take that message with them and apply it to their lives. It makes the magic more meaningful.

Where do you like to perform?

I perform wherever I go. It doesn’t matter where I am. I can be on the bus, in a bar, on the subway, in a mall, or just walking down the street and show people some magic. As long as there are people around, real magical moments can happen anywhere and anytime.

What are some types of reactions you get when you perform magic?

The reactions I get sometimes are crazy! There are times when I am performing and people would yell and scream like they won the lottery. It gets people's attention curious to see what is going on and they form a crowd around me to watch. The most common reactions I get from people are “How the hell did you do that?” and “What the @#!$”

How often do you practice?

I put hours and hours upon hours of hard dedicated work into this craft each day. It never stops. One trick, one gig, one show doesn’t matter. You have to be consistent and persistent. If you want to be an artist, if you truly want to be great at what you do, you must dedicate and devote your life to it. It's the only way to become a grandmaster.

How has magic changed your life?

Magic saved my life. I don’t know who I would be or what I’d be doing if it wasn’t for magic. It gave me the confidence to do anything and realize that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

To master my craft, inspire people with my art, and take magic as far as I can go...